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Australian Standards

Our Experts and Safety Consultants are restricted in reproducing Standards due to copyright restrictions, however, the Standards are readily available for purchase through SAI Global. Alternatively, a copy can be obtained for litigation purposes for a small fee, upon production of the Court reference with SAI Global.

Regulator Documents
Code of Conduct / Rules

Experts have an obligation to comply with the Expert Code of Conduct within the relevant State established by legislation, the duty of the Expert is to the Court. 

The instructing solicitor has a responsibility and duty to provide the Expert with the current version of the code of conduct for the  appropriate state. 

NSW Courts

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW) Rules 31.17—31.54

Schedule 7 Expert Witness Code of Conduct

Supreme Court of ACT

Court Procedures Rules 2006 (ACT) Part 2.12 Expert Evidence Rules 1200-1246

Schedule 1 Expert Witness Code of Conduct

Federal Court of Australia

Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) Rule 5.04 and Part 23 Experts RR 23.01-23.15

Practice Note CM7 Expert Witnesses in proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia

Supreme Court of the NT

Supreme Court Rules (NT) Order 44 Expert Evidence

Supreme Court of QLD

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld) Ch 11, Part 5, Division 2 Rules 423—429S

Supreme Court of SA

Uniform Civil Rules 2020 South Australia, Part 14, 74.1-74.13

Part I Practice Direction  5.4 Expert Witnesses (Rule 160)

Supreme Court of TAS

Supreme Court Rules 2000 (Tas) Part 19 Division 5 Expert Opinion Evidence Rules 514—517 and Practice Direction No.1 of 2016

Supreme Court of VIC

Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015, Order 44 Expert Evidence, 44.01-44.06

Form 44A Expert Witness Code of Conduct

Supreme Court of WA

Rules of the Supreme Court 1971 (WA), Order 36A Expert Evidence 1

Expert References

The Practitioner's Guide to Briefing Experts

The Practitioner's Guide to Civil Litigation (Book Only)

Evidence Act

Evidence Act Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 1995 (NSW)

Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 2011 (ACT)

Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 1995 (CTH)

Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 2011 (NT)

Common law Evidence Act 1977 (QLD

Common law Evidence Act 1929 (SA)

Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 2001 (TAS)

Uniform Evidence Act Evidence Act 2008 (VIC)

Common law Evidence Act 1906 (WA)




New South Wales



Western Australia


South Australia

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