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Expert Opinion and

Risk & Safety Services

Specialising in legal expert witness reports, risk assessments, incident investigations, pre-certification audits and developing risk and safety solutions. 


About Us

Our Expert Report team have been preparing Expert Witness Reports for over 35 years, assessing liability and negligence, and providing risk-based practical preventative measures.​

Our Experts specialise in:

  • Workplace Incidents 

  • Public Liability 

  • Risk Management 

  • Systems of Work

  • Construction

  • Confined Spaces 

  • Mining ( Surface & Underground)

  • Tunnelling

  • Manual Handling

  • Aged Care Facilities 

  • Traffic Management

  • Slips, Trips, Missteps, Falls

  • Work at Height and Falls from Height

  • Load Restraint Failures 

  • Plant Failure , Catastrophic, Entrapment, Isolation & Guarding 

  • Mobile Plant (Heavy Vehicles, Forklifts, Earthmoving & Cranes)

  • Electrical Incidents

  • Agricultural Incidents

  • Emergency Services

  • Physical and Psychological Injuries from Critical Incident Exposure, Bullying and Harassment, & Assault

Our Experts apply a methodical and investigative approach to Expert Reports to assess all relevant work health and safety legislation, Australian and international standards, codes of practice, building codes, industry guidelines and documents produced by state safety regulators applicable to a matter.​


We also have a dedicated in-house legal administration team to eliminate the need for third party fees and reduce the financial burden on your client. 


Our Risk & Safety team has worked with various multinational, national and local organisations in the public and private sector and accrued over 35 years' experience specialising in risk assessments, audits and investigations and provide proactive workplace risk-based solutions across the following industries and specialties:

  • Mining and Resources

  • Metals Processing

  • Drilling

  • Manufacturing 

  • Logistics

  • Water

  • Power and Food Sectors

  • Construction

  • Fall Prevention (Work at Heights)

  • Electrical Systems

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Agriculture

  • Maritime

  • Transportation (Road and Rail)

  • Utilities

  • Accommodation

  • Health Care

  • Confined Spaces

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks

  • Traffic Management

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