Expert Services

SAFEgroup have technically competent and qualified experts who are well regarded within the HSE, Risk Management and Engineering Professions.

SAFEgroup provides the following services to our Legal and Professional clients:

  • High quality researched and referenced Expert Witness Reports for both public liability and workplace injury matters displaying detailed analysis of the incident and the application of industry knowledge
  • Site inspections and technical reviews
  • Interviews to assess factual and technical evidence relating to the incident
  • High level client assistance undertaken by skilled legal administrators
  • Continuing technical opinion and assistance
  • Secure storage and record keeping to maintain evidentiary material
  • Attendance at Court Hearings to provide Expert Witness opinion
  • Provision of specialist laboratory assessment & analysis of material evidence
  • Collection of scientific data and evidence using  calibrated technical equipment, including; high resolution digital cameras, WESSEX Pendulum Slip Tester, Tortus, noise dosimetry measuring equipment, L.V/H.V electrical safety equipment, Lux meters, Calibrated force measuring tools, thermal imaging cameras, video recording/editing equipment, laser surveying, vibration analysis, biomechanical loading software, electronic data recording software.

For further information please contact SAFEgroup on (02) 4933 9942 or contact us.