Risk Engineering

The best form of insurance is carefully planned avoidance.

SAFEgroup can enable designers, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, constructors and operators to meet all of their WHS obligations throughout the life cycle of the plant and structures, including:

  • Designer’s risk assessment
  • Safety file development
  • Safety Integrity target determination
  • Implementation and close out of risk treatments
  • Classification of hazardous areas (explosive atmospheres) and installation dossiers
  • Storage & handling of hazardous chemicals & dangerous goods

Risk assessments compliant with AS/NZS ISO 31000 and MDG1010 tailored to meet each client’s corporate risk management requirements which include the following:

  • Broad Brush RIsk Assessments (BBRA) including corporate and project
  • Development of Risk Based Solutions that Comply with the requirements of Harmonised Legislation including the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Providing exceptional engineers with proven expertise and demonstrated technical competence in enabling client to meet critical goals that impact their bottom line
  • Development and Implementation of risk management strategies Business Interruption Planning
  • Intelligent Solutions for Risk Management
  • Project Design Risk Assessments (DRA)
  • Plant and structures
  • Machine guarding
  • Mobile plant assessments (MDG15)
  • Drill rig assessments

The best form of insurance is carefully planned avoidance.

At SAFEgroup, we specialise in the identification, assessment, and either control or reduction in a whole range of risks in a wide variety of manufacturing, process, health and resource industries.

SAFEgroup provide a comprehensive value added service, which encompasses:

  • Development of Whole of Business Risk Management Plans and Broad Brush Risk Assessments
  • Development of site risk profiles and hazard identifications in accordance with ISO31000
  • SAFEgroup Design and SAFEty in Design assessments for major Projects
  • Electrical Safety & Compliance audits to AS 3000 and AS 3007
  • Development of Explosion protection strategies systems audits and training
  • Development of Electrical Safety Management Systems
  • Provision of machine guarding audits, system analysis, and safety systems to AS 4024
  • Auditing of Conveyor Safety compliance to AS 1755 and other relevant industry standards
  • Provision of machine Isolation audits and Isolation verification audits
  • Development and analysis of Catastrophic Failure Routes
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments
  • Structured Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies in both process and electronic systems
  • Machine Safety analysis and PLC safety systems assessment
  • Development of site based risk assessment and HAZOP awareness training
  • Hazard Study leadership and analysis techniques
  • Development of Emergency Response plans and the development of integrated emergency procedures.

SAFEgroup can assist you to manage, understand, and minimise the technical risks associated with your plant or process, from initial conceptual design, through its life cycle to demolition. SAFEgroup can advise you on how to incorporate technical safety controls and protective systems into new plants to improve the safety of existing operations, both mechanical and electrical, and ensure the proper management of residual risks.