Emergency Management

Our emergency management services will ensure your workers and visitors are safe and prepared in the event of an emergency.

SAFEgroup can assist you in all facets of emergency management including:

  • Development of emergency management plans
  • Emergency preparedness assessment of sites and systems
  • Development and risk assessment of emergency response training scenarios to comply with WHS requirements
  • Development and assessment of specific event emergency rescue plans (e.g. rescue from heights, electric shock)
  • Facilitation of emergency scenario training and workshops.

Emergency Procedures, Disaster Recovery & Business Interruption Planning

SAFEgroup has expertise in Emergency procedures development, Crisis management plan, Recovery Planning and the formulation of Crisis Recovery Procedures. The  platform that has been developed by SAFEgroup includes such critical issues as:

  • Availability and analysis of systems, including test criteria
  • Development of comprehensive emergency response procedures for businesses
  • Development of comprehensive assessments and management audit trails
  • Testing of emergency scenarios
  • Confidentiality, including documentation security
  • Resources to assist in the event that a crisis and to expedite your business recovery

SAFEgroup can develop a fully compliant and tested Crisis/Disaster Recovery Program that will cover serious injury notifications/fatalities, business interruption due to storm or natural disaster, fire/explosion, aircraft emergency and marine emergency.