Report Options

SAFEgroup have a number of report options available depending on the stage or complexity of a matter.

Standard Report

Standard Reports are suitable for most matters. Our Expert will interview the Plaintiff/Defendant and undertake a detailed analysis of evidentiary material provided. Our Expert will also provide advice on documents to be requested by subpoena in order to provide a thorough report. Our Expert can attend the incident location and undertake a view and assessment of the premises in addition to obtaining photographs for evidentiary purposes. Our Expert can also undertake relevant testing using scientific equipment and organise laboratory assessments and analysis of evidence provided if required. The report will provide a thorough and detailed factual account of the incident and address the relevant legislation, Standards and Regulatory requirements which apply to the incident. The report will provide analysis of the documentation provided and provide material to support/counter this material where required. The report will provide a summary of the root causes of the incident and the appropriate risk control measures that could have been implemented prior to the incident which could have prevented the outcome.

Complex Report

The Complex Report follows the same process and format as the standard report adapted for matters which are complex in nature, require significant research, involve more than 2 parties and/or where additional interviews are required. The option is also suitable where there are a significant number of documents provided for review and analysis.

Preliminary Report Advice

This is suitable for clients wishing to obtain our Expert’s preliminary opinion as to the potential outcome of a claim for liability or a claim in Defence of liability and the circumstances of an incident. Our Expert will undertake an interview with the Plaintiff/Defendant and review evidentiary material provided. Our Expert will then provide a preliminary report/advice to assist solicitors in providing information to their client. Please note that the preliminary report is provided as initial advice only and cannot be used in negotiations or for the purposes of a claim/defence in Court. In the event that the matter proceeds to Court our Experts can prepare a Standard Expert Report and the costs already paid will be credited towards the final invoice.

For further information please contact SAFEgroup on (02) 4933 9942 or contact us.