Our Approach

SAFEgroup consultants regularly undertake expert investigations and prepare expert reports for both defendants and plaintiffs in many diverse fields.

In the preparation of Expert Witness Reports, SAFEgroup Experts apply a methodical and investigative approach using a collection of the practical skills and experience, research and analysis of technical information and systems documentation, and testing equipment and tools of measurement at our disposal.

SAFEgroup’s Experts have a broad range of skills, qualifications, expertise and experience covering all facets of work health and safety and public liability to determine causation and liability for workplace incidents and public liability claims.

SAFEgroup’s Experts display multifaceted expertise which extend beyond specific industry sectors and are able to provide key detail and technical analysis of the contributing factors leading to injury.

SAFEgroup prides itself on the high quality of work and the inclusion of detailed evidence based reporting, unbiased opinions and developed hypothesis which is achieved through detailed analysis, research and peer reviews.

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