Expert Reports

Our Experts currently prepare in excess of 200 Expert Witness Reports each year to assist in workplace injury and public liability matters for many litigation firms across Australia.

SAFEgroup have technically competent and qualified Experts with experience and expertise spanning numerous areas; work health and safety, risk management, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, mining, mechatronics, manufacturing, agriculture, processing, production, human factors, civil, structural, software and many more.

Our Experts provide high quality, researched, referenced and technically competent reports to assist in determining issues of causation and liability for workplace incidents and public liability.

Since SAFEgroup’s establishment in 2000, our Experts have produced over 1500 reports and have gathered extensive experience in analysing and determining injury causation and preventability.

For further information please contact SAFEgroup on (02) 4933 9942 or contact us.