Advanced SCADA Data Analytics

In order to make strategic use of the wealth of information and investment in SCADA systems, the data collected must be made available to the broader business and integrated within the business decision making, systems and processes. Delivery of such projects involves close collaboration between technical experts and a range of stakeholders.

SCADA Historian and Business Intelligence Systems

SAFEgroup offer unique capabilities in this area with the experience and capability to understand and optimally manage the flow of data all the way from the field to the board room.

  • SCADA Corporate Historian solutions
  • DMZ, SCADA performance servers, Corporate Databases, BI system architecture and design
  • Data rationalisation, accumulation and standardisation
  • Data quality management, planning and system design from source (field instruments and RTUs) to sink (corporate historians and reporting systems)
  • Adhoc and pre-configured reporting

SCADA Strategic Information Enablement

SAFEgroup works collaboratively with the long term and strategic SCADA Data consumers (e.g. Assets, Operations and Planning personnel) to provide the technical capabilities to get the right data to the right people, transforming and presenting the data as useful information.

  • Energy optimisation and reporting
  • Leak Detection, Water balances and Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Support for asset planning and design information
  • Incident response prioritisation and advanced alarming

Operational Efficiencies Through System Integration

SAFEgroup has significant experiences and believes strongly in the benefits that can be achieved by integrating SCADA data with other operational systems utilised by our customers.

  • Integrating SCADA with external packages such as asset management and work order systems
  • Streamlining alarm management and response processes, including short and long term alarm rationalisation information support systems
  • Bespoke software for importing and exporting data to and from SCADA systems