Syrinix Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring

SAFEgroup Automation are proud to be the exclusive Australian partners for Syrinix's intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions

SAFEgroup Automation provide access to various Syrinix products:

TrunkMinder - Real time monitoring for active risk management

TrunkMinder provides automated monitoring, including highly sensitive leak detection and location, for high consequence and critical larger diameter pipelines.Find out more

TransientMinder - Pressure Transient Mitigation

TransientMinder monitors for and immediately notifies utilities of the occurrence of damaging pressure transient events.Find out more

BurstMinder - Immediate Burst Notification

BurstMinder monitors for and provides immediate notifications of bursts on monitored pipelines. With the use of swarm analysis the location of the burst is identified.Find out more

RADAR - Real Time Analysis of Data and Asset Risk

RADAR is a cloud based user interface that provides detailed analysis and reporting for the solutions in the field.Find out more