Meet Our Team

Our engineering team are recognised experts in their fields. Below are just a few of our key resources.

  • Aaron is the manager of the Automation business at SAFEgroup. He has worked as a systems integrator for over 15 years with a primary focus on telemetry and SCADA systems for the water industry.

    Aaron is an expert at conceptualising upgrades to legacy control systems. He is very quick to understand the needs of his clients and to recommend solutions that are industry best practice while minimising whole of life costs. He has a particular passion for working collaboratively with clients and utilising new technologies to minimise operational risks to their business and improving efficiencies.

    Aaron sets very high expectations within the engineering team for service and delivery. He has a high focus on ensuring that each and every client expectation is met and is very proud to manage a business where most work comes from repeat business due to long standing successful client partnerships.  

  • David is the manager of the Victorian SAFEgroup office. With a degree in software engineering, he has 10 years’ experience in a range of engineering and management roles with a primary focus on telemetry and SCADA systems for the water industry.

    David has a number of years providing high level product solutions, training and support on behalf of OEMs specialising in the water telemetry market. This makes him an excellent consultant to provide very well informed high level design, product and architecture advice.

    David is committed to understanding the needs and pressure points for his customers. His enthusiasm and drive ensures that he can find and offer solutions to those needs that provide real value.

  • James is the Engineering Services and Support Manager at SAFEgroup and leads a team of dedicated service and support engineers and technicians. He has over 10 years’ experience in the design, development, installation and commissioning of telemetry systems and has been involved at all levels in the delivery of water / waste water projects throughout Australia.

    Highly customer focused, James tailors service structures to suit clients individual needs. He maintains regular face to face contact with clients and is always available to assist with remote and onsite diagnostics.

  • Ruth is an industry leader in Top-End SCADA design. She has a business degree as well as an electrical engineering degree and has 12 years experience as an engineer in primarily lead SCADA project engineering roles. 

    Ruth has been pivotal in a number of significant projects within the Water Industry, and various elements and reincarnations of her innovative and structured methods, practices and templates can be found in nearly every recently upgraded ClearSCADA system across Australia, including Schneider Electric’s advanced training and expert design guidelines.

    In addition to her role providing management and technical leadership to SAFEgroup’s project engineering team she has a passion for Advanced SCADA Information System Integration – working collaboratively with businesses to make strategic use of their SCADA data. 

    Ruth is dedicated to maintaining and developing the SAFEgroup engineering team’s culture of continuous improvement, dedication, task ownership and collaborative working with end users.

  • Alexis’ capability and background in telemetry and DNP3 systems is unrivalled within the industry.

    He has 10 years’ experience within R&D teams doing software development for RTUs and SCADA systems with a particular emphasis on DNP3 protocol development, and continues to interface with OEMs to improve compliance, product stability and capabilities of their products within the telemetry space.

    He has an additional 10 years’ experience providing technical leadership to many projects within the Water Industry, both telemetry and plant process control systems.

    Alexis is involved with SAFEgroup’s clients across their entire control systems needs lifecycle including provision of high level design and consultancy, project delivery and support.

    Alexis’s technical leadership, troubleshooting skills and structured and systematic design approach is both a great asset to customers as well as the internal training and mentoring value - strengthening the capability of the dynamic SAFEgroup engineering team.

  • With Electrical Engineering qualifications and a dual trade in Electrical/Instrumentation, Andrew bridges the knowledge gap between engineers and technicians. 

    Andrew has 17 years of experience with control system site installation and commissioning. Andrew’s experience, conscientious attitude, attention to detail and SAFE work practices means that his role on behalf of clients is frequently one of representing their interests with an overseeing role on both plant and telemetry upgrade projects.